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Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that recognizes the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. It is a non-invasive hands-on treatment that focuses on removing restrictions and tension in the body to restore proper movement, alignment, function and balance. The body is assessed as a whole, as symptoms do not always occur where the issue is. The body operates as a single functional unit with all the body systems such as the musculoskeletal, digestive, reproductive, circulatory and nervous systems. By detecting imbalances we treat the cause, not just symptoms. All treatments are done over the clothes!

Clients typically describe treatments as a mix between massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractics!

How Does Stephanie Differ From Other Osteopaths?

  • She is the first Neurokinetic Therapist in Saskatchewan and the ONLY neurokinetic and kinesiology trained manual osteopathic therapist This allows her to accurately identify muscle imbalances and determine what muscles are inhibited and which are compensating. This leads to a more accurate treatment and better long-term results.


  • She utilizes her personal training and exercise therapy education and experience in the assessment process by getting you to do some dynamic movements to get a better understanding of how your body works and naturally wants to move.

  • She provides passive adjustments and then helps you activate and strengthen the musculature to help you better connect to your body to maintain results we achieve in treatment.

  • Depending on your goals and the conditions we are working with she takes you into the gym at various points in your appointments to continually reassess and monitor your biomechanics and adjust treatments and exercises appropriately!

  • Using the knowledge accumulated through her past education and experience she teach you how to move properly again!

Treatment can include:

  • Mobilization and manipulation of joints

  • Soft tissue / myofascial work

  • Assessment and treatment of postural, pelvic and spinal alignment

  • Exercise rehabilitation and mobility work

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Visceral manipulation

  • So. Much. More.

What Is More Important Than

Your Health?



"Stephanie was amazing. She took her time listening to my endless issues and explained what she was going to try before she did anything. She was super professional and you can tell how passionate she is about helping people feel better. I am not exactly sure what she all did but WOW did it work! Thank you! I will recommend her to everyone I know!"

- Rebecca W.

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