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Merch and Training Programs
Prices are in Canadian and include FREE Shipping!

Advanced Menopause Workout Program!

Follow the program that Stephanie uses herself! 

Our 3 day Advanced Metabolism Boosting in Menopause Program!


This is for women who have access to a commercial style gym and have some experience! 


If you are looking to boost your metabolism and maintain or build muscle mass then this is for you!


3 Full Body Day Works!

2 Optional Light Mobility Days!


You get access to our training app with all the videos and written explanations of all our exercises! It keeps track of all your weights, rests times and you can message me through the app at anytime to receive modifications for any exercises and to ask me any questions you might have!


You get new workouts/phases every 5 weeks specifically to help your body adapt positively and build your dream physique!

Regular Price: $40.92 Canadian / Month

At Home Menopause Workout Program

This is for beginner or novice exercisers who are wanting to improve their metabolism and balance out their hormones!


All you need is dumbbells and bands!


Workouts are 3 days a week 30-40 minutes in length


Workouts are updated every 5 weeks in phases so that your body can positively adapt to the exercises you are doing!


The workouts are on our Trainerize app which has videos of every single exercise as well as the written descriptions on how to do them! The app keeps record of your weights used and tracks your progress as you go. There are built in timers for rest and everything so it is incredibly simple for you!


Price is $40.92 Canadian / Month

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