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Online Training and Nutrition Coaching
For Women in Peri-Menopause + Onward


[vi - tal - i - ty]


the state of being strong and active; energy

the power of giving continuance of life - present in all living things

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Who We Are

The              Difference

The              Difference

The              Difference

The                 Difference


Our team of dynamic coaches are here to help you with total-body health. We offer a wide range of in-person and online services to help you reach your health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness objectives.



                            to Vitality OET, where we pride ourselves on providing you with the best evidence-based online coaching for women in menopause. We ensure that every client is thoroughly assessed -  so you receive specific, personalized care based on your health history, chronic conditions, and dietary lifestyle in order to help you get closer to your health and/or fitness goals. We are passionate about what we do, and partake in regular continuing education so we can serve you better.

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