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The Metabolism & Menopause Podcast

Our mission is to teach women about how their bodies change during the perimenopausal period (and onwards) so they can finally reach their health and fitness goals, live a life full of vitality and feel in CONTROL and at home in their bodies again!


There is no excessive restrictions, no taking out your favorite foods, no doing crazy high intensity exercise or cutting out carbs!


We cover hormones, exercise, nutrition and answer all of your questions!

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Ep. 1: What is Perimenopause?

What perimenopause and menopause actually are—especially since 1.1 billion women are expected to be in perimenopause by 2025! And while perimenopause and menopause is a natural process that is supposed to happen as we age, the aggressive side effects are not. The symptoms are common but you shouldn't be just trying to "survive" this time period.

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Ep. 4: Thyroid Function, Menopause, & Fat Loss (feat. Coach Kirianna)

Today, I had Coach Kirianna join me to go over why thyroid function decreases, why carbs are essential to having a healthy thyroid, and how to improve thyroid function even—if you already have a thyroid disorder—so you can finally feel good and lose weight for good!

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Ep. 7: Mastering Mindset for Menopause Fat Loss (feat. Coach Amy)

Mindset is a HUGE part of our ability to be successful and this is something we cover and work on with every single client that comes through our doors—and once these things click for them, their trajectory toward success increases substantially!


In this episode, Coach Amy and I went over exactly what we do with clients to lead them to success by addressing their mindset!

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Ep. 2: Estrogen & Menopause Fat Loss

As we go through perimenopause and menopause our estrogen levels start to drop, it leads to hormonal symptoms (brain fog and hot flashes anyone?). But that's not the only thing that happens when estrogen drops... It makes building muscle harder, losing weight harder, and even increases our chances of developing diabetes.

So how do we combat the changes and struggles our body experiences as we see estrogen decrease? 

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Ep. 5: How to Lose Fat on Vacation

Today, I talk about my experience of being in a fat loss phase while traveling—all my tried-and-true tips and tricks to help you stay on track on vacation WHILE still being able to enjoy yourself. This way you don't come home feeling guilty and ashamed!

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Ep. 8: Weight Fluctuations in Menopause

In this episode, I am going to teach you a ton of reasons as to why the scale can move so much day-to-day and what you can do about it. It should also give you peace of mind that you are not gaining and losing fat that quickly.


I outline a checklist of things to consider when the scale changes so you can figure out what is actually going on in your body and take control back

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Ep. 3: Insulin Resistance & Menopause

Did you know that our ability to control our blood sugars starts to decrease as we go through perimenopause? Estrogen is responsible for helping out with insulin sensitivity by helping shuttle the sugars in our blood to our muscle cells. When estrogen drops during perimenopause and onwards we see that not only does our insulin resistance go up but with that fat storage increases as well! What do we do?

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Ep. 6: Low Carb in Menopause is Making You SKINNY FAT 

Today, I am unpacking the truth about carbs—why you need them and how to incorporate them into your diet without spiking your blood sugars so you can lose fat WHILE still enjoying those yummy carbs!


Ep. 9: Reverse Dieting for Menopause Fat Loss (the 'Simple Seasons' approach to fat loss)

-What happens when you have been dieting for too long

-What cortisol does to our bodies—particularly during menopause

-What is a reverse diet and do you need one?

-How to reverse diet

-How to use our 'Simple Seasons' approach to fat loss in menopause

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