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For Peri-menopausal women who are ready to kickstart their metabolism and balance or prevent hormonal symptoms with a proven program to metabolic success and food freedom

Nutrition Coaching by


If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of building the metabolism of your DREAMS.

Our Mission

is to teach women about their changing bodies during peri-menopause (and beyond) so they can live a life of VITALITY, and feel in control and at HOME in their bodies again.

We show you how to do this WITHOUT:

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Excessive calorie restriction

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Cutting out carbs

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Hours of intense exercise

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Taking out your favourite foods forever

We believe that women who know what they want and are willing to work for it are UNSTOPPABLE.

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We also believe they deserve to have roadmaps, support, and community every step of the way so they don’t have to wonder if they’re doing it right on their own.


Having the right support in your corner will slash the time you’re in and out of diets and up and down on the scale. 

Let me Guess..

you’ve thought about revving your metabolism and taking control of your fat loss and energy before, but you’re:

  • Overwhelmed by all the steps that go into finding the right diet for your body

  • Unsure of where to even start, because you don’t know what you don’t know

  • Scared of having to cut calories and give up MORE foods you use to enjoy eating

  • Doubting that you have what it takes to do it on your own, and fears are holding you back

  • Defeated that nothing you’ve tried is working for you right now

  • Fearful that eating more is going to cause even more weight to pile on

  • Stuck in information overload because you’re not sure what advice to actually follow (every ad and article is telling you something different!)

we know.

Losing fat in peri-menopause isn't nearly as easy as you thought it would be,                               

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Vitality will give you the knowledge and coaching you need to re-claim your body as the "firing-on-all-cylinders system" it used to be, and prevent more future metabolic decline from improper nutrition or over-stressing systems.

All you need to do is trust the system, show up ready to change, and be dedicated to doing the work.

We will handle the rest.

Nutrition Coaching by


is a comprehensive, customized program for peri-menopausal women looking to build the metabolism of their dreams, improve their inner health, and finally shed that stubborn fat.

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Over 6-12 months, we will cover everything you need in order to improve your  metabolism, drop fat, tone muscle, and gain energy and confidence you’ve always wanted. Plus, you’ll also get daily coaching support, weekly check-ins, real-time feedback, accountability, and an incredible community.

is for women who are struggling to reach their health and fitness goals, despite feeling like they're doing everything right

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Nutrition Coaching by


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Your comprehensive coaching program includes:

  • 6 or 12 months of 1:1 Nutrition and Training

  • Customized coaching with your own 1:1 coach - screened and specialized to your health needs- Using our B.I.G. framework for success

  • Personalized training programming

  • Necessary Assessments to your health needs (Stress, gut health, hormone, metabolic, menopause assessments available)

  • Weekly check-ins and unlimited messaging with your coach

  • Exclusive access to our online coaching app

  • Free zoom calls upon request with your coach

  • Quarterly zoom calls with CEO Steph to ensure you're on the right track

  • Biweekly group zoom calls with CEO Steph and all vitality coaches

  • A private online community of like-minded women to share support

  • Free challenges, seminars, webinars, and prizes

  • The Vitality Guarantee (12 months only)

More importantly, you'll get:

  • Increased knowledge with ongoing education and helpful PDF's

  • More confidence around food choices and eating out

  • Increases in energy, mood, and personal development

  • A team and community of like-minded women providing their support and encouragement

  • A faster and more efficient metabolism

  • An opportunity to reach your goals using a laid-out plan with your coach for your success!

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Our Individualized Coaching Promise

No cookie-cutter plans here! While our B.I.G. Vitality Coaching Framework will stay the same, everything within that framework will be individualized to your body and how it works for you. Time spent in each phase and the food & meal choices you make throughout the program will be based on you and you only- your lifestyle, possible hormone levels, gut health, overall internal health, current metabolic rate, intolerances, everything!

The B.I.G. Vitality Framework



uild the Metabolism


Weight loss does technically work IF you have a healthy metabolism and nervous system. We do this by improving your gut health, focusing on adequate recovery, increasing your energy levels, rebalancing hormones and tackling other stressors. This phase is essential to prepare you for the fat loss stage. This phase typically involves reverse dieting caloric intake up to a reasonable level where your metabolism can function faster.




gnite Fat Loss

After the metabolism has been built up or restored and you have had the opportunity to instil some healthy habits, we are able to optimize the fat loss process. This is accomplished by manipulating your nutrition and activity/exercise program while you maintain nutrition adherence and communication with your coach. Timeline: ~5 weeks to 5 months



ain VITALITY for Life


Once you've reached your goals, it is time for the final phase to set you up for a lifetime of success and vitality! Here we construct a long term plan that you can integrate into your lifestyle and implement it. You are provided with the tools and resources so that you can maintain your goals with greater flexibility for the rest of your life without strict, restrictive diets or ridiculously high intensity exercise programs.
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Ready to get started with Vitality?

Meet your Coaches

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Meet your CEO

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"I have always had a passion for helping others, sports, health and fitness which led to me pursue a BSc. in Kinesiology. I started my personal training career during my 2nd year of university and instantly fell in love. During my undergrad I trained everyone from athletes, and firefighters to "average Joes" with chronic conditions. I then got my exercise therapist designation and NSCA Strength and Conditioning and completed my MSc. in Kinesiology. This led to me to work as an exercise therapist for the health region focusing on chronic disease management. I realized I wanted to help clients even more so I went on to get 2 diplomas in Manual Osteopathic Therapy and my Neurokinetic Therapy certifications.

I then opened my own clinic - Vitality Osteopathic and Exercise Therapy - where I first offered osteopathy, online and in person training. We have since expanded to be a multidisciplinary clinic with a growing team. Clients saw great success in improving pain, mobility and weight loss but something was missing - nutrition. I became very frustrated hearing what my clients had been through with the health care system and past coaches."

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Nutrition Coach

Personal Trainer

Exercise Therapist

Manual Osteopathic Therapist

Neurokinetic Therapist

Strength and Conditioning Coach

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