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Who: This program is for people who already have some gym experience. You do not have to be a "gym monkey" but you should know the main compound movements (squat, lunge, deadlift, bench, row etc.)


What: 3 full body workouts (60-90 minutes in length). It is comprised of 3 specific phases (4 weeks each = 3 months of training). What’s Included?: You not only get a 35 page PDF with the program outline, a printable log, and mobility exercise descriptions but optional access to Trainerize ($6.97/month). This is where you gain access to all the exercise videos/explanations in one place AND you can complete your workouts through the app. It will automatically track your progress for you (weights used during each phase + your personal bests) and there is a timer built in for your breaks. Within this app you can track your weight, submit progress photos, sync it to your fitbit and myfitness pal so all your health metrics are stored in one place! Subscription can be cancelled at any time but once you do you lose access to the exercise videos and ability to complete the workouts within the app


How Much?: $64.87 for 3 months of training compared to $412.56 for personalized one-on-one training! Link for optional Trainerize subscription will be emailed within 48 hours of purchase!

3 Day/WeekFull Body Strength and Hypertrophy Program

Excluding GST/HST
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